Saturday, August 15, 2015

Build your own monitoring solution for couch base

Recently i was trying to build a monitoring solution for couch base , i followed a simple approach that worked out well, thought to share the same in this post.

    Requirements for the solution
  • Simple solution that can collect metrics from the http stats endpoint of couch base
  • Script based solution that can customized by operation team
  • Visualization dashboards
  • No additional software installation on couch base servers
    1. Solution Needs
  • An light weight app server that can collects metrics on regular interval
  • A persistence layer that stores the data
  • A visualization tool that can bind well with the persistent data
  • Solution Architecture

    Solution Highlights

  • Solution collects json stats data which has thousands of metrics as a whole and stores it to elastic search
  • NodeJS is a light weight server based on java script
  • Couch base stat endpoint exposes JSON based metrics and elastic search works well with storing JSON data
  • Kibana provides nice visualization for elastic search through different charts
  • NodeJS provides built libraries to elastic search
  • Hosting NodeJS, elastic search, Kibana are very simple, you can setup easily all of these components in few minutes through dockers
  • Elastic search is highly scalable
  • The approach can be applied for any monitoring where metrics are exposed through json format
  • Please find the reference of the solution under github

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