Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cloud computing segments

cloud computing solutions can be classfied into three broad segments, solutions on private cloud or public cloud or hybrid cloud.

Enterprise customers who already has datacenters in place that will prefer to migrate their datacenters into private cloud , also companies that faces security as top most concern and takes no excuses unless they find any proven record on using public cloud , they will prefer to take their path towards private cloud solutions.

Companies that operates on huge amount of data and do manipulations on those data on temporary and permanent basis and want to share the data among business will prefer to go for utilizing public cloud storage and computing. For example media and entertainment companies will prefer to move towards public cloud where they can store and share huge data in widely spread public cloud.

Companies that has some medium level data centers and want to extend to public cloud on need and for less critical applications will prefer to migrate to build hybrid solutions.. for examples corporates can build a medium level data center for high critical applications and use public cloud for less critical applications.. that way they can manage concerns on security as well as costs.

In the fore coming I will talk about players in private cloud ,public cloud etc..

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