Monday, May 10, 2010

SaaS(Software as a Service) versus Cloud

Many of us will have this doubt in mind , what is a SaaS(Software as a Service) application?, what is cloud application? Can I say all SaaS application are cloud applications? , or the vice versa is true , how both of these applications are interrelated..
Does all cloud applications provide SaaS type of service? When I develop an application say in Windows Azure or Amazon EC2, will I get the appliation in SaaS model? The answer is big No.
When we define cloud computing we say SaaS as one of the services of cloud computing , what does it mean then? Let us try to understand what is SaaS ? SaaS is Software as a Service in which the application is available as a service , where in a new customer wants to use that application for his usage, he can just pay and on board as a tenant to the SaaS application , do some level of customization available and use that for his use with the specified level of data security and isolation needed, so how this SaaS type of application is related to cloud computing?
Designing SaaS type of application is comparitivily difficult to design and implement because of its extensive functionalities. High availability and massive scalability are some of the basic requirements of SaaS type of applications and cloud computing techiques helps to solve the high availability and scalability in a simple way.
To say in a simple way, cloud computing enables to build SaaS applications easily , SaaS enablement is achieved easily through cloud computing techniques.

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